Financial Needs Scholarships Available! The Dance School is committed to providing financial assistance to students and families who can demonstrate financial need and who have a desire to attend classes at our school. Scholarship awards will be based on eligibility (per federal income eligibility guidelines used to determine free and reduced school lunch program) first, and the amount of TDS scholarship funds available second. Awards may range up to 50% off tuition.

To apply for a Financial Needs Scholarship or sponsor a scholarship, please email [email protected]


Tuition is calculated by the number of hours your dancer takes on a weekly basis. Tuition is due and payable prior to the first class of every month. Our pricing schedule allows families the opportunity to pay monthly, biannually (September and February), or one annual payment. Paying tuition at the annual option allows you to receive a 5% discount. 

Tuition paid after the 10th of every month is subject to a $25.00 late fee. The late fee is not eligible for any discount or scholarship program. On the 20th of each month, those with a balance will receive an email as a reminder.  Students with a balance still owed on the last day of the month will be unable to attend classes the following month until the account is brought current.

The Dance School offers Military Discounts and Sibling Discounts. For more information on discounts, please email [email protected]

See above for financial needs scholarship information


Annual Registration Fee:
Our annual registration fee is $30 per student. $15 for each additional students in the same family.

Costume Fee: 
A $60 costume fee per class is charged in two installments of $30 each; one in November and one in January. As a non-profit studio we do not make a profit on costumes. If a costume costs below the $60 costume fee, any excess will be credited to your account.

Year End Performance (YEP) Fee:
$40 YEP fee per dancer, max of $60 per family. 

Weekly Hours        Monthly Rate

0.50                                   $50.00

0.75                                    $55.00

1.00                                    $65.00

1.25                                     $75.00

1.50                                    $90.00

2.00                                  $120.00

2.50                                  $145.00

3.00                                  $170.00

3.50                                   $195.00

4.00                                  $220.00

4.50                                  $245.00

5.00                                  $270.00

5.50                                  $285.00

6.00                                  $300.00

6.50                                  $315.00

7.00-7.50                         $330.00

8.00-9.00                        $345.00

9.50-10.00                       $360.00

Unlimited                       $375.00


In late spring our faculty members nominate students for each of our Talent Scholarships based on the scholarship criteria. A panel of board members and community members review the nominations and select a recipient to receive the scholarship for the following year. Our Talent Scholarships vary on what they cover which can include tuition and/or other fees.

To sponsor a Talent Scholarship, please contact us for more information.

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Talent Scholarship recipients!

  • Board Recognition Scholarship (for a dancer in levels 1-3, sponsored by The Dance School) – Awarded to a student for setting the Gold Standard of conduct in the studio.

  • ELM Scholarship (for a dancer in Ballet levels 1-5, sponsored by Anonymous) – Awarded to a dancer who wears glasses while performing and/or in class. 

  • Evelyn Franklin Memorial Scholarship (for dancers in any level/style, sponsored by the Kafkalidis Family) This scholarship is for a committed dancer who has shown enthusiasm and motivation for their dance training through their participation in one or more TDS class.

  • Frances J. Scholarship (for dancers in any level/style, sponsored by Fran’s Family) – Awarded to a dancer who makes a positive impact in class. Has the attitude, spirit and effort to inspire others.

  • Instructor’s Choice Scholarship (for dancers in any level/style, sponsored by The Dance School) – Awarded to a dancer who perseveres and overcomes their fears.

  • Marianne Roberts Scholarship (for dancers in level 4/5, sponsored by The Dance school) – Awarded to an ambitious dancer who has made significant growth over the year.

  • Shining Star Scholarship (for a dancer in Duet, Creative Movement or Combo, sponsored by The Dance school) Awarded to an enthusiastic learner who has made significant growth over the year.

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