It is never too late to start dance! We offer a variety of Beginner and Intermediate level classes for teens (ages 12-21) who are new or newer to dance. 


*enrollment open until March 1st*

Dancers develop strength, flexibility and poise in this beautiful, artistic dance form. This class reflects both the classical values and the modern aesthetic of today’s dance world. A great choice not only for the serious ballet student, but for those just getting started in dance or dancers who want to sharpen their skills.

What to Wear:  Dancers can either wear traditional ballet attire (black leotard with pink tights) or comfortable clothes such as a top/leggings or workout clothing suitable for a yoga class. It helps if your clothing is more form fitting so that the instructor can see if you are doing something incorrectly in order to give corrections right away. Dancers should wear pink or black ballet shoes.

To register in our online portal search “Teen Ballet” 

  • Beginning January 5 through June 24
    Thursdays 8:00pm-9:00pm with Terri


*enrollment open until March 1st*

Learn the latest moves of this dynamic dance form seen in films, music videos and television. A great choice for students new to dance or in combination with other styles.

What to wear: T-shirt or tank top, comfortable pants or shorts (no shorter than fingertips), hair pulled back and secured. Non-marking athletic/tennis shoes.

To register in our online portal search “Teen/Adult Hip Hop & Pop” 

  • Beginning January 4 through June 24
    Wednesdays 6:45pm-7:45pm with Amanda K.

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