How do I register for classes?

Welcome to The Dance School! You can register for classes online via the Parent Portal at the top menu, or you can register in person at the studio. If you decide to register in person, we recommend arriving 15 minutes before your class to fill out the registration forms and sign the waiver.

What is the best class for a beginner?

Our youngest dancers can begin in Duet (Ages 2-5), Creative Movement (ages 3-4), Ballet/Tap/Jazz or Pre-Ballet (ages 5-6).

Beginner dancers ages 7+ can enroll in any of our Level 1 classes. Teens (ages 12+) who are new to dance can enroll in our Beg/Int Ballet class or the Beg/Int Hip Hop & Pop class.

Adult 5-week series classes are open level classes, beginners are welcome to join!

Where can I park?

90-minute street parking is available around the studio. After 6:00pm and on the weekends there is no time limit for street parking. There is also the EverPark Garage on Hoyt (free after 6:00pm), and the Port Gardner Garage on California (hourly fee).  We recommend you give yourself extra time to find parking before class.

Are your classes co-ed?

Yes, all classes at The Dance School are co-ed. We welcome everyone into our studio and to dance with us!

I’m from another studio, which level do I enroll?

Each studio offers different level systems. We recommend contacting our studio for a trial class. During this class the instructor will evaluate and place your dancer in the correct level.

When can I enroll in classes?

You can enroll for any of our youth/teen classes through January 31st. After January 31st all classes will begin working on their Year End Performance routines.

Adults can register for our Adult 5-Week Series any time throughout our season.

We offer “Spring” class sessions – these begin in February and have open enrollment through April 1 – after April 1st, the Spring Session classes will begin working on their Year End Performance routines.

What do I bring to class?

Please check out the Dress Code page to view the dance attire for each class. Other things your dancer may want to bring include a water bottle, snacks (nut free), and any extra change of clothes. 

Can I bring food to the studio?

Yes! We have a kitchen area with a table, chairs and sink towards the back of our main lobby. The Dance School is a Nut Free zone – for the safety of our students and instructors with allergies, please do not bring any nut items into the studio.


Have more questions? Please contact us via our online contact form or email admin@thedanceschool.org


Attendance and Make-up Classes

Regular attendance is vital to maintain personal skill level and development. There are no refunds for classes missed.

Students are encouraged to arrange make-up classes with prior approval. Students can attend similar or lower level classes to make-up for a missed class. Please contact us to arrange a make-up class.


Tardiness is disruptive to the class and can be harmful to a dancers body if proper stretching and warm-up is skipped. We encourage students to arrive early and briefly stretch before class begins. There are no refunds for classes missed.


If your student must withdraw from a class, written notice is required. Please send your written notice via email to admin@thedanceschool.org – You are responsible for your student’s monthly tuition until withdrawal notice has been received by the administrative office. Please note that the tuition balance is due and payable upon withdrawal – unless, you have a physician’s written assessment that indicates that the student may not continue to dance. In this case, we will provide a pro-rated refund based on the date of request for withdrawal.

Arrival and Pick-up

All students should arrive and depart wearing street clothes and street shoes. Thank you for helping keep our studio floors clean!

We encourage dancers to wait inside our studio to be picked-up rather than outside. If a parent is running late, we suggest calling our studio to let us know of your expected arrival time.

Mid-Season Enrollment

Yes, you can enroll for a dance class mid-season. However if you would like to take part in our Year End Performance then please enroll by January 31st. We cannot guarantee a spot in class for you after this time.

Class Observation

Our studios have viewing windows for you to watch your child during instruction, if you wish. Families are allowed to take photos/video but please turn off your flash as it may distract the class.

If regulations allow: We hold a class observation week in January where family and friends are invited into the studio to watch the class. Check our calendar to see when the next observation week will be held.


It is vitally important that we maintain a safe and conducive learning environment for all of our students. Students who are unable to meet behavioral expectations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with parent notification if the teacher is unable to resolve the issue. If you have any questions about class management, please speak with the teacher or the director.

Adverse Weather

In adverse weather conditions The Dance School follows the Everett School District’s closure policy. 




General School Rules:

  • Listen politely and follow directions

  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

  • Be courteous and polite. Respect the rights of others as well as the property of The Dance School.

  • Use appropriate language.


Expectations of Dancers:

  1. Students will arrive to class on time, will be dressed in appropriate attire, and have hair properly secured.

  2. Students will respectfully listen to their instructors and administrators.

  3. Students under the age of 18 will ask for assistance from the adults in charge when they have trouble with another student.

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