The Dance School (TDS) is committed to providing a safe space for our staff and students. The studio safe start plan follows the state and county guidelines for re-opening in relation to COVID-19. Our plan will update as more information is given by the state and county or as phase regulations change.

The Dance School’s safe start plan includes:

• Health Protocol
• Staff Safety and Health Protocol
• Student Safety and Health Protocol
• Social Distancing Protocol
• Sanitization Protocol
• Other Standards

Health Protocol

COVID-19 has a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. People with the below symptoms, a combination of these symptoms or are around someone with these symptoms are encouraged to stay home.

• Cough or Sore Throat

• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

• Fever

• Chills or repeated shaking with chills

• Muscle Pain

• Loss of taste or smell

A face covering is required for all staff member and students while at the studio. All staff and students will enter through a single point of entry, the front door on Rockefeller Avenue, where a mandatory temperature check will be given. Temperature checks will be provided by a staff member with a contactless thermometer. 

Student Safety and Health Protocol

  • Updated Waiver: All new and returning students to TDS will need to sign or have a parent sign our updated waiver form.

  • Temperature Check: Students are asked to remain outside with a parent before and between classes. A staff member will be at the front door to screen students with a no-touch thermometer and admit students into The Dance School. All students and parent guardians will be screened and their temperature taken upon arrival. Any students showing symptoms, feeling sick, or running a fever will be asked to return home. 

  • No Touch Entry: Windows and studio doors will be open to allow air flow and a no-touch entry. The front door will be opened by a staff member for entry into the studio.

  • Masks Required in Studio: Students are asked to bring a mask from home and wear it during class. 

  • Hand Washing Required: All students will be asked to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds upon entering The Dance School. Hand sanitizer is also available throughout the studio and can be used in addition to hand washing. Both restrooms will be available for hand-washing. The kitchen sink located in the back of the lobby is also available as
    a hand washing station.

  • Dressing rooms will be closed: Students should come to The Dance School prepared for class. Hair ready and dance clothes on. Students may use the lobby to change shoes and take off over-layers of clothing, restrooms are also available for changing.

  • Limited Class Sizes: Dance classes in studio are limited to 5 students per class. More students will be added with phase approval from the state and county.

  • Parents: All parents are asked to drop off their student(s) at the front door after screening and remain off-site for the duration of class.  The following exceptions include: students in Duet, Creative Movement or Prep may have one parent guardian walk their dancer to the correct studio at the beginning of class, or students with special circumstances may have one parent guardian present during class. Parent guardian is required to follow all protocols listed in this plan.

  • Water Bottle: Students are asked to bring their own water bottle with them. The water fountain is a water bottle refill station only.

  • Yoga Mat: TDS will not provide yoga mats for class. Students in Stretching and Conditioning class will be asked to bring a yoga mat if they have one at home.

Social Distancing Protocol

  • Social Distancing: Studio floors will be taped at six-foot distances and while in the studio(s) students will stay on their assigned mark/area. TDS will observe strict spatial regulations to ensure close contact is limited. Barre areas will be taped for six-feet social distancing and will remain in place to avoid moving barres.
  • Entry/Exit: Authorized access to The Dance School will remain through the front door, the front door on Rockefeller Avenue.

Sanitization Protocol

  • Regular Scheduled Cleaning: Restrooms and the lobby will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day. Barres and equipment will be cleaned after each class. 

  • Available Supplies: Tissues and trash cans will be readily available throughout the lobby, office, and dance studios. Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol will be available throughout the studio and lobby. Soap and running water will be provided in both bathrooms and the kitchen.

  • Water Bottle Refill Station: The water fountain will be used for refilling water bottles only. Students will be required to bring their own water bottles.

  • Dressing Rooms Closed: Dressing rooms will be closed – students should arrive to the studio in their correct dance attire, hair and shoes.

Communication Protocol

  • All current TDS staff and students will receive updated safety plan if any changes are made.
  • A safety briefing will be given at the beginning of each session to emphasize the protective measures for social distancing, sanitation protocols and pre-session screening.

Other Standards

  • Virtual classes will continue to be available for any class in which at least one student or instructor is unable to be at The Dance School. This does not include normal class absences, but is instead based on comfort in Safety of returning to The Dance School. If for any reason the physical location of The Dance School must be closed, all classes will be virtual until we can reopen.
  • Please be aware that due to allergies and/or chronic health conditions some of our students may have a natural cough that is unrelated to COVID-19.


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