Dancers develop strength, flexibility and poise in this beautiful, artistic dance form. At TDS, ballet training reflects both the classical values and modern aesthetic of today’s dance world. A great choice not only for the serious ballet student, but for those just getting started in dance or dancers who want to sharpen their jazz, tap, hip hop, or musical theatre skills.

Ballet Levels:
Ballet 1 – Beginner 
Ballet 2 – Beginner/Intermediate
Ballet 3 – Intermediate
Ballet 4 – Intermediate/Advanced
Ballet 5 – Advanced

Pre Pointe – By instructor recommendation, dancers level 3+
Pointe – By instructor approval and completion of Pre Pointe
*Both Pre Pointe and Pointe classes require concurrent enrollment in a Ballet class. 


Explore space, time, shape, and movement dynamics while developing core strength, agility and the ability to move three dimensionally through space. To fully develop dancer’s skills in this powerful technique, concurrent enrollment in Ballet is strongly recommended.

Contemporary Levels:
Contemporary  1/2 – Beginner 
Contemporary 2/3 – Intermediate
Contemporary 4/5 – Advanced


Learn the latest moves of this dynamic dance form with roots in street dance. Music and moves are always age appropriate. A great choice for students new to dance or in combination with Jazz or Tap.

Hip Hop Levels:
Hip Hop 1 – Beginner 
Hip Hop 2 – Intermediate
Hip Hop 3/4 – Intermediate/Advanced


Move to the rhythms of this exciting dance style seen in musical theater and entertainment. In this fast paced, high-energy classes, you will gain strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Special emphasis on musicality and performance skills.

Jazz Levels:
Jazz 1 – Beginner 
Jazz 2/3 – Intermediate
Jazz 4/5 – Advanced


Learn to make music with your feet! This percussive dance form is exciting to watch and fun to perform. Combine dazzling speed and precision footwork with syncopated rhythms to perform thrilling dance sequences.

Tap Levels:
Tap 1 – Beginner 
Tap 2 – Intermediate
Tap 3/4 – Intermediate/Advanced
Tap 5 – Advanced


This is a fun energetic performance driven class complete with using props to music. The soft shoe is a vaudeville dance with rhythmic footwork.


This class introduces students to the elements of choreography and the creative processes of composing dances. Students assume the roles of dancer and choreographer in developing improvisation, directing, and performance skills to produce and perform original group compositions.

Choreography Studies will focus on creating full three minute routines that will be showcased in the I Love To Dance Performance and The Year End Performance.


Emmbody uses both ballet technique and contemporary dance movements. Embodying what you have learned at the barre and center floor. Recommended for dancers in levels 3+ with previous ballet experience and familiar with ballet terminology.


Illustration of song lyrics through movement, turns, leaps and isolations. Lyrical uses various aspects of Ballet, Jazz and Modern.


Learn how to creatively move in a shared space. Must be able to weight share.


This class emphasizes constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement. Work cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance, maximizing your performance and fitness.


This class introduces students to the elements of choreography and the creative processes of composing dances to tell a story. Combining movement, voice and poetry to create a story as original as you.


Find your voice through choral, small ensemble, and solo work. Students will learn vocal technique along with some music appreciation, history, and theory.  Classical vocal technique is taught to be the basis for healthy use of the voice across all music genres. This fun and supportive class introduces students to a variety of repertoire, including: classical, musical theater, jazz, and folk/ethnic music.

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