Anyone Can Dance!


The Dance School is a community funded, non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the art of dance.

In 2006 a group of committed parents and community leaders re-created the dance school in the historic Vasa Building in downtown Everett. This is the same building that nurtured the legacies of Betty Spooner and Mike Jordan.

The Dance School is a place where children of all abilities learn to dance, sing and perform; where creativity, individuality and self-expression are encouraged. We are a community of people who share a passion for the performing arts.

Our goal is to create a positive, happy experience for all our students. We strive to nurture and develop talent, celebrate the achievements of all students and inspire a love and appreciation of all styles of dance and the arts. We are committed to providing a safe, positive environment where all students can feel empowered, comfortable and free to express themselves. We are committed to providing high quality instruction to dancers of all ages and abilities. Our instructors are highly trained, experienced artists in their respective disciplines.

The Dance School welcomes dancers and members of the community from all backgrounds to dance with us. Thank you to everyone for being part of our TDS family.

Studio Address:
2821 Rockefeller Ave,
Everett, WA 98201    


Mailing Address :
PO Box 1833,
Everett, WA 98206 

(425) 259-6861
[email protected]

Office Hours:
Summer hours will vary
please email or leave a voicemail

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