2018/2019 Tuition

Our pricing schedule allows you the opportunity and convenience to pay monthly, two payments in September and February, or one annual payment. Paying tuition at the annual option allows you to receive a 5% discount.

Tuition is due and payable prior to the first class of every month. Tuition paid after the 10th of every month is subject to a $25.00 late fee. The late fee is not eligible for any discount or scholarship program.

Tuition is calculated by the number of hours your dancer takes on a weekly basis. (Example: Sue takes 1 hour of Tap and 2 hours of Ballet. Her weekly hours are 3, which equals a monthly fee of $170)

Hours of Class per Week          Monthly Rate

0.50                                             $50.00

0.75                                             $60.00

1.0                                               $65.00

1.5                                               $90.00

2.0                                               $120.00

2.5                                               $145.00

3.0                                               $170.00

3.5                                               $195.00

4.0                                               $220.00

4.5                                               $245.00

5.0                                               $270.00

5.5                                               $285.00

6.0                                               $300.00

6.5                                               $315.00

7-7.5                                            $330.00

8-9                                               $345.00

9.5-10                                           $360.00

Unlimited                                      $375.00


Volunteer Hours for Credit Program

The Dance School is pleased to offer a program to our families to help offset the cost of tuition and the costs of maintaining The Dance School.


Families will be able to volunteer one hour per hour of dance instruction for each dancer in the family up to a maximum of four hours per month per dancer. This will earn a maximum of 10% off  tuition per month. 

Example: Class hours 4 = Volunteer Hours 4 = Maximum discount 10%

  Class hours 3 = Volunteer Hours 3 = Discount of 7%

  Class hours 2 = Volunteer Hours 2 = Discount of 5%

Hours WILL NOT carry over to the next month.

For the month of September only, sibling discounts will be applied to full payment, volunteer hours begin and will be applied to October’s payment.

See Volunteer hours for credit program sheets for complete information.