I don’t know in which class my daughter/son should enroll – how can I determine that?

If you are unsure, please use our Start Dancing Form and we will contact you to talk through the choices. Plus, we can arrange a free class in the level you think is best. During the class, the instructor will be able to determine whether a change may be necessary.

Can I start a class in mid-season?

Yes, in most cases. We welcome students any time through January and can pro-rate your tuition accordingly. However, in mid-February of each year our students begin to prepare for our Year End Performance. It’s important for dancers to have a certain level of skills for that recital, so we do limit enrollment once our recital preparation has begun. Just talk to us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your dancer.

Are parents allowed into the studio while classes are in session?

We will have class observations weeks twice within the season when the parents are invited into the studio to watch the classes. Also, our studio offers viewing windows into each studio for you to observe your child during instruction. Naturally, we will do what is necessary to make each parent and child feel comfortable in our environment on a case by case basis.

Why are you soliciting donations? Most other dance schools don’t do that.

Unlike most studios, we are a non-profit organization, supported and run by volunteers. The donations that we solicit help to make up the difference between the tuition revenue that we receive and the amount necessary to pay our faculty and run the studio. Further, it is important to The Dance School Board of Directors that all those that want to dance, can dance. We offer scholarships based on need, and the donations that we receive help to support our scholarship fund as well.

Why do you have a dress code? My daughter wants to wear a tutu.

We have a dress code for children because we want them to avoid the distraction of costumes and frills. It is also important for the teacher to see how the dancer is implementing the technical aspect of the dance being taught. Finally, it builds respect and discipline for the art form.

What kind of ballet shoes do you recommend? Leather or canvas?

The type of dance shoe a dancer wears is a personal preference. Leather shoes mold to the foot better, while canvas shoes allows the dancer to feel the floor more. If the dancer is younger, a leather shoe is a good choice because it requires the dancer to use their foot more and therefore builds foot strength.

Can my child makeup a missed class?

Yes, your dancer can make up missed classes. Dancers are encouraged to make up missed classes. There are no refunds for classes missed. Dancers may take a make-up class in the same or lower level. In case of planned absences, make-up classes may be taken prior to the absence. Make-up classes may not be taken during observation/demonstration week. All make up classes must be pre-authorized by the instructor prior to attending.

Does the school close if it’s snowing?

The Dance School will close due to snow in conjunction with the Everett School District. Please note that if there are any other adverse weather conditions or snow fall clears by afternoon The Dance School could open. Please call 425.259.6861 or contact us to confirm school closure.