We believe there is no greater purpose to our work than teaching our students the beauty and strength inherent in dance as an art form, and the joy that comes from exploring the human body and its abilities.

Come dance with us!



Administrative Director

Melissa Bostrom


Our Board of Directors:

Jennifer Gogert- President

 – Vice President

Heather Bird – Secretary

Ben Dale – Treasurer

Marlies Egberding – Member

Kensley Fohn – Member

Maggy Fynn – Member

Rodi O’Loane – Member

The Dance School is a unique place. We’re a 100% community funded, non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the art of dance.

In 2006 a group of committed parents and community leaders re-created a dance school in the same building that nurtured the legacies of Betty Spooner and Mike Jordan. From a beautiful perch in the historic Vasa Building in downtown Everett, the intent was to provide a home for dancers of all ages and abilities.